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Pammi Batra’s Kitchenette® Cooking Classes

The name, Pammi Batra, has become synonymous with Cooking Classes in Jaipur over a span of the last almost 30 years. Starting in an unconventional line of business, starting on one’s own, trying to get the initial momentum going, and continually sustaining the growth curve are challenges any modern business faces. Way back, in 1983, Mrs. Pammi Batra took that challenge. And the smiles, appreciations, certifications, honours and the respects from the students trained at Kitchenette, and from members of the Jaipur community, stand as a strong testimony to the dedication, will power and the sustained efforts with which Kitchenette has been made to grow and flower.

Kitchenette Cooking Classes were started to help ladies and young girls discover their skills in the art of cooking. Kitchenette® is thankful to its numerous batches of students who have helped it grow in experience, professionalism and above all helped in introduction of a wide variety of new delightful cooking courses.

Kitchenette has trained over thousands of students, in various short-term and long-term cooking courses. Many students who came to Kitchenette as young girls are now proud and successful mothers. And the greatest delight for Kitchenette is, when these ladies bring their own daughters, for getting trained at Kitchenette. As the wheel of time rotates, the tastes of generations change. Enrolling and training the daughters of our past students, serves as another testimony that when it comes to Cooking Classes in Jaipur, Kitchenette is the prized flavour.