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Courses at Kitchenette®

Kitchenette Cooking Classes were started in 1983 to help ladies and young girls discover their skills in the art of cooking. Kitchenette celebrated its silver jubilee in 2007, and currently in its 30th year of operation. While Kitchenette continues its tradition of running its full cooking diploma course for dedicated learners, it also offers exciting short-courses for those who are enthusiastic yet time-pressed students.

Kitchenette currently offers the courses outlined below. Click on the course name to view the dishes taught under these courses.

  • Regular, Full Diploma Course in Cooking and Home Management
    This course comprises over 300 dishes, and covers a wide cuisine from traditional Indian, Chinese, Mexican, American, Thai, and Continental, along with Ice-creams, Baking, Food Preservation, Indian Breads and Snacks.
  • One-week Short Courses
    For time-pressed students, 1 week classes are designed so that they can learn cooking styles and recipes of their choice and inclination.
  • Special One Day Classes
    Recommended for students on a short visit to the city, to get started in the art of cooking.
  • Special Classes for Kids
    Kids can do wonders, for creativity and innovativeness knows no age. To encourage kids (both boys and girls) in the age group of 6-14 years, 1 week classes have been started, to give them a feel of experimenting in the kitchen on their own.
  • Classes for International Tourists
    Amongst the many things which fascinate tourists visiting India is the tasty and savoury food. Classes have been designed to help tourists pick up a few Indian cooking skills. The classes will be arranged in English, and the group attending the class will be of foreign tourists. International Tourists can get in touch with Kitchenette directly, or the classes for a group can be booked via their travel partner. Travel partners are encouraged to make their bookings in advance for their groups.
  • Special On Demand Classes
    To cater to the demands of the students who wish to learn a little more, and little new. These classes are arranged for a reasonable group size. The booking has to be made in advance.

For any more details and clarification about the classes, fee structure and the schedule, please contact Kitchenette office, Monday-Saturday (9 AM to 4 PM) at (0141) 2605666.