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Welcome to Kitchenette

Kitchenette is a little enterprise to help you discover your own talent. Life offers us various opportunities; we need to grab them at make of those little walks of confidence, to guide our steps in it. Way back, in 1983, Kitchenette was my own little walk of confidence, and since then it has been my carpet of walk through my life.

At Kitchenette, my own cooking classes in Jaipur, I have had the wonderful opportunity to guide thousands of students, and share the joy of cooking and dishing out new and savory things with a dash of patience, tinge of experiment and spice of creativity.

We try to make the same old things, in a new better way, and while being simple, we yet strive to bring out the best in it. Making Simple, Better and Making Better, Simple is what we try to dish out at Kitchenette. This website is just a means to communicate some of what we do, to our dear friends and students.